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About Us

So who are you guys?

We are a small, locally-owned company located in Langley, British Columbia (that’s just outside Vancouver). We love good food, spending time with friends and supporting our community.

Here are some of the things that are important to us:

  1. Making exceptional products
    Regardless of what we bake or create, we intend for it to be outstanding. Life is way too short to settle for mediocrity, or to waste eating “average” food. Baking can be long and gruelling work at times, but when you stop and see the facial expression on someone who has just tried one of our vanilla macarons – and you can see their entire world stop before your very eyes – it’s all worth it. More than once we’ve had people tell us that our macarons are the best thing they’ve eaten in their entire lives. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing and hearing that people love what you’ve created for them.
  2. Community
    It can be a bit harder to embrace the community aspect of a business without having an actual store / cafe / shop, but nonetheless community is tremendously important to us. Whether it’s volunteering in the community or making meals for friends in need, we want to make a difference and see people living in community with each other.
  3. Relationships
    There’s nothing more important than friends and family, and sharing a meal is the most natural way to bring together the people who are important to you. Whether it’s over bread and cheese, a box of macarons, a pot of homemade soup or a delicious 5-course meal.
  4. Local food and local businesses, whenever possible
    Working with and supporting local businesses and, as much as possible, consuming food from local sources is another thing that’s really important to us. I think that we’ve really lost touch with where our food comes from, and it’s something that should be important to all of us.

Matt Richardson
Chief Macaron Officer

Matt joined Carly and Daniel at Kitchening and Co. when things were starting to pick up in early 2014.  Matt came with almost a decade of experience in culinary management and quickly took over the day to day management of our production facility.

Long-term customers may recognize Matt from the early days doing in-store product demonstrations, trade shows, and other events.

In the past few years Matt took over many of the responsibilities of running all day-to-day operations and in September 2021 took over as owner of Kitchening & Co.

When he is not running the business he can be found cycling around the Fraser valley, sampling local beers, and hanging out with his two dogs, Roux and Rio.

Jocelynn Rooke

Jocelynn is Matt's life partner and sounding board for all ideas.  On top of her full time job in healthcare she has the task of keeping up with all of his ideas.

Occasionally you will see her jumping into production during busy times and taking on the role of head proof-reader when designing packaging, making social media posts, and website updates.

Head of Customer Wow, Social Media Slayer

Chantelle joined the team in 2016 as one of our demo staff, and quickly created the role of demo coordinator.  

When Covid-19 took over and product demos stopped we create a role for her in managing our social media, brand strategy, and store communication.  Although our customers don't get to see her giant smile as, her enthusiasm can still be heard when she is working the phones.

Queen of Click, Production Supervisor

Corry joined us in 2016 with a wealth of experience in marketing, design, photography... oh yea... and a passion for home-cooked food.  She has been instrumental in all of our packaging design, does all of the photography, and has an eye for colour and taste!  

On top of all this she runs the day to day production side of the business.

The Crew

All of our production staff are amazing, and they are the ones that truly make the magic happen every day.

Carly & Daniel Wintschel
Founders, advisors

Kitchening & Co. was born out of a love of food and small business. We’ve always believed that Good Food Brings People Together -- something we’ve been a witness to in our home and the communities around us. Carly and Daniel founded Kitchening & Co. after a stint in France -- Carly was studying culinary arts and loved the endless creativity and finesse that French macarons had to offer. Daniel, a bit of a serial entrepreneur in spirit, and happy to start a business at the drop of a hat led the two of them down the proverbial rabbit hole of starting a food business.

More than a decade later, with two young boys and an ever-increasing desire to be closer to nature, Carly and Daniel passed the torch of Kitchening & Co. to our production manager of seven years, Matthew Richardson.

Daniel and Carly now reside in the Comox Valley, and on any given day can be found jumping in the ocean, kayaking, drinking coffee (and/or beer), eating potato chips and growing another business.